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Configurating a Windows Computer Cluster for PhyloDCcs and HlaAssignCcs

For a machine to run .NET assemblies from a remote fileshare, that fileshare must be trusted. By default, no remote file shares are trusted for code execution.

The script ensures that any file on the targeted path specified is fully trusted for execution, assuming that the user credentials used for execution actually have access to the file (as defined by file system permissions).

Steps (all from the headnode):
  • 1. Put clusrun on by path. It typically lives in directory "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Compute Cluster Pack\Bin"
  • 2. Edit the script, calling it for example caspol_fulltrust.cmd

@Echo Off
:: Modifies code security settings to allow code from a specified path variable
to be fully trusted
:: Any executables underneath the trusted path will be trusted.
:: dougli 6/19/2006
:: Modify variables below
set framework=%systemroot%\\framework\v2.0.50727
set framework64=%systemroot%\\framework64\v2.0.50727
set trusted_path=PUT THE TRUSTED PATH HERE 
%framework%\caspol -q -m -ag 1.2 -url "%trusted_path%\*" FullTrust
%framework64%\caspol -q -m -ag 1.2 -url "%trusted_path%\*" FullTrust
%framework%\caspol -q -m -ag 1.3 -url "%trusted_path%\*" FullTrust
%framework64%\caspol -q -m -ag 1.3 -url "%trusted_path%\*" FullTrust

  • 3. Run this script "remotely back to the head node" like so:

clusrun caspol_fulltrust.cmd

A more detailed description of CASPOL capabilities and options is here and here

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