HLA Assignment


J. Listgarten,N. Frahm, C. Kadie, C. Brander, D. Heckerman. A statistical framework for modeling HLA-dependent T cell response data, PLoS Computational Biology, 3(10): e188, October 2007.

N. Frahm, K. Yusim, T. Suscovich, S. Adams, J. Sidney, P. Hraber, H. Hewitt, Ca. Linde, D. Kavanagh, T. Woodberry, L. Henry, K. Faircloth, J. Listgarten,C. Kadie,N. Jojic,K. Sango, N. Brown, E. Pae, M. Zaman, F. Bihl, A. Khatri, M. John, S. Mallal, F. Marincola, B. Walker, A. Sette, D. Heckerman,B. Korber, C. Brander. Extensive HLA class I allele promiscuity among viral CTL epitopes. European Journal of Immunology, 37, August 2007.

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  • Solution file: Qmr\HlaAssign.sln
  • Build directory: Qmr\HlaAssign\HlaAssignCCS\bin\Release


How to run regression tests

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