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  • HlaAssign {-EXCEL} leakProbabilityOrNull pValue directory caseName hlaFactory pieceIndexRange pieceCount nullIndexRange
  • HlaAssign -help


  • "leakProbabilityOrNull" is either "null" (to have it learned) or given
  • "pValue" is the max pValue.
  • "directory" is the location of the input and output files
  • "caseName" is the prefix of the input files
  • "hlaFactoryName" is either "JustSlash" (a good default), "MixedWithB15AndA68", "FourDigit", or "noConstraints"
  • pieceIndexRange pieceCount nullIndexRange (e.g. 0-0 1 -1-9)

Input File(s)

The input can either be three text files or one Excel file with three worksheets.
  • If -Excel is given, the input is an Excel file with the name 'casename'.xls
  • If -Excel is not given, the input files are 'casename'HLA.txt, 'casename'React.txt, and 'casename'Known.txt.

Input Formats

General Description of HlaAssign Input Formats

Output File

Here is an example of an output file's name:

In general, the output file's name is

It is a tab-delimited text file with a NullIndex column and a PValue column and is suitable for input into
Example output file

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