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A tool to submit HlaAssign.exe jobs to a Windows Compute Cluster.


HlaAssignCcs -help
HlaAssignCcs [many parameters]

Required Arguments:

  • externalRemoteDirectory
  • pieceCount, tells how many pieces in to which split the work, for example, 30
  • taskPerJobCount, tells number of cluster tasks per cluster job, for example, 1
  • "leakProbabilityOrNull" is either "null" (to have it learned) or given
  • "pValue" is the max pValue.
  • "directory" is the local location of the input and output files. The tool will copy these files to the externalRemoteDirectory.
  • "caseName" is the prefix of the input files
  • "hlaFactoryName" is either "JustSlash" (a good default), "MixedWithB15AndA68", "FourDigit", or "noConstraints"

Optional Arguments:

  • -cluster,
    • The name of the cluster's headnode.
    • The default is to extract from "externalRemoteDirectory"
    • For example, Cluster1
  • -internalRemoteDirectory
    • The compute nodes' name for directory containing your input files.
    • The default is to be the same as the externalRemoteDirectory.
    • (Some clusters are configured so that the cluster's compute nodes have a different name for the file share containing user files.)


HlaAssignCcs.exe creates these directories under the externalRemoteDirectory. You may wish to periodically delete these files to free up disk space.
  • raw, the output created by HLAAssign.exe
  • input, a copy of the input files
  • exes, where it copies a snapshot of the current HlaAssign.exe and associated *.dlls
  • exes\(nicenameAndDate)\Stderr, the standard error output of each cluster tasks. This can be very useful in understanding why a task failed.
  • exes\(nicenameAndDate)\Stdout, the standard output of each cluster task. Also very usefuil in understanding why a task failed.

Configurating a Windows Computer Cluster for PhyloDCcs and HlaAssignCcs

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