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A tool to submit PhyloTree jobs to the Digipede Network.


Anyone with admin privileges on an agent machine and sufficient curiosity could see the data stored in files. It is therefore prudent code data without personally identifiable information.


PhyloDDN -help
PhyloDDN [many parameters]

Required Arguments:

Optional Arguments:

  • -keepTest, default AlwaysKeep
  • -skipRowIndexFile, a file that tells which output rows to skip because they have already been run, e.g. a file containing "100-200,300-400")
    • As described below, Tabulate.exe audits the output of PhyloD.exe and reports which rows were found. Use this parameter to have PhyloD.exe run again and produce the missing output rows.
  • -optimizer BrentThenGrid (default) OR BrentWithNoGrid OR Grid
    • You can append a tolerance to the Brent methods: e.g. BrentThenGrid.001.
    • The default Brent tolerance is .001.
  • -poolid #, The ID of the pool on which to run this job.
  • -host hostnamee, The host name of the Digipede Server (e.g., MACHINE).
  • -services services, The base services address of the Digipede Server (e.g., 'http://MACHINE/DigipedeWS').
  • -url url, The full endpoint of the services address of the Digipede Server (e.g., 'http://MACHINE/DigipedeWS/DigipedeWS.asmx').


PhyloDDN returns the result output from PhyloTree to outputDirectory. Standard Error and Standard Output can be viewed from within Digipede Control.

Note, no special configuration is required for running this PhyloDDN against the Digipede Network; however, it has been build and tested against version

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